Climb to the top
of Google Search
over your Competition Faster.

For ITEX Trade Exchange Members
Our WordPress Google Authority Package


What you get:

  • Hand crafted META DATA FOR 10 WEB PAGES
  • Brick & Mortar Google Business Verification
  • Verified Listing on Google Maps for your Business
  • Google Business page
  • WordPress Website Title & Meta SEO configuration (HTML if applicable) Including Tags for Facebook Open Graph Meta Data
  • All the ingredients to start an aggressive climb on Search Results pages

Meta Data is how webmasters show googlebot and search engines blazing  titles (or not) and descriptions about their sites content. Understanding “HOW” to insert meta and og: tags into your pages HTML is a different story yet it’s extremely simple in WordPress. Each page in a dynamic environment is like a mini index. Each Mini index needs special consideration and formatting so that the indexing spiders (or bots, as in Googlebot) can see the overall structure of your content from a broader perspective.

You may not have a WordPress website and that’s fine, we will work with you to get the data into whichever format you use.

ITEX Member extra bonuses:

ITEX Premium Cloud Vendor
ITEX Premium Cloud Vendor