Your Email, Apps & DNS

MX Records

Domain Mail
Site Integration

  • Exclusive in the “WordsRack Training Command” dashboard – exact record protocol for cloud email MX records and sender policy framework.
  • Keep your domain mail from being hijacked.
  • How not to be confused as a potential source of spam.
  • Also specific guides for DKIM, SPF, TXT, SRV where applicable.
  • Cloud Mail for Domains
  • Google Apps
  • & Office365
  • Yahoo Business
  • Zoho Mail & Apps

Each of the providers above offer Cloud mail services and varying levels of apps, docs, calendar’s etc. Google discontinued their free service for Google Apps on domains on 12/31/2012.

  • Secure communications from WordPress
  • To site owners & administrator
  • To your author’s & staff
  • To those who may fill out a form on your site
  • Exact set up for WordPress using WP-MAIL-SMTP authentication for Google and “Live” Mail & Apps on SSL or TLS

Mail – Drive – Docs – Calendar & more

or $50/user/year

Either way, it’s [email protected]

Google Apps and provide you with domain mail & pretty much go anywhere web apps. If you’ve used Gmail or MSN Live or Hotmail (now known as Outlook) it will all be intuitive, depending on your preference. Outlook’s records are trickier to set up but we have you covered, and it’s free while they allow it. Additional storage and plans vary. We assist you step by step in getting the records right in the WordsRack app interface.

Mail – Office Apps – Calendar & more

Microsoft has ended Free Domain Mail
Now part of 365 – $7/User/month

WordsRack never charges to assist in getting your mail set up. If you choose or already have Google Apps you pay direct – never a commission or fee. Even if you move to another hosting provider it will travel with you with our DNS portability set up, and never be out of service.

*People with older Google Apps Free accounts will never pay for service with under 10 users. This will hold true for Outlook, so once you get an account, you’re Grandfathered and  will never be charged down the road if you stay within their terms of use. Get Started with WordsRack Now