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Building phone subscriber (SMS opt in) lists with WordPress has never been easier.

Wordsrack has developed an integrated technology comprised of a proximity based wifi network (small hardware device) you can bring in your pocket to a meeting or demonstration.

The landing page style you see here can be reproduced on a sub-domain for collection of interested people who ask to join via SMS in the form to the left. You just “Push” the url to everyone in the rooms device. The leads can go into multiples “Groups” you create the forms with in the back end. ¬†Unlimited possibilities exist here.

Wordsrack uses WordPress Multisite software grown out of our years of testing and deploying WPMU back in 2010 before multisite really took off.

The list is powerful because Text Message (SMS) targeting converts people at an almost crazy 100% of the time and 100% more effectively than email. It makes sense since were experiencing the mobile explosion daily in all walks of life. People who opt in to these lists get instant sms message and can easily opt out with your own chosen word, like STOP.

Let us show you how to market your business digitally, socially and efficiently within budget with all the most advanced tech available. See an example of how you can customize the SMS forms like this or find more by creating a free account instantly with Google single sign on at our Login Page.