Simplifying WordPress PageSpeed

If you have 20 WordPress sites at your disposal to test (like a lot of developers), “nailing down” a consistent scheme to rock GTMetrix, PageSpeed, WebPageTest and others is exponentially a bigger monster, evidenced by the multitude of expert blogs that help decipher what works.

If you have sites on a variety of machines, plugins and themes can you ever actually standardization? We’ve had sites on even identical machines with the same theme and a few varying plugins that still need special hand crafting to boost the scores.

That’s why on this post we are standardizing our test environment which we think in 2018 (updated for 2020) is the “darling” of WordPress delivery platforms, akin to webservers boasts, i.e. NGINX. For what is outlined below, a hardened Ubuntu 20.04 Set up, NGINX 1.19 with PHP7.4 is driving the method and this page.

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Always Searching For The Shot

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Think With Google – Avg. of Scores 94
GTMetrix 94 95
Pingdom Tools 98