Project Description

The Bling Club sells crystal jewelry, accessories and even “Bling” Sandals online. The new site is a conversion of their original ecommerce store built on Godaddy which was ineffective for their growing needs. The new WordPress site boasts some great css customization and extensive product photography furnished by the owner, Heather Bling.

Wordsrack commenced building the new woocommerce site, Inc. in March 2016.

I am very impressed with the staff and quality of work at Wordsrack. My site used to be on a GoDaddy platform and was okay but not a lot of traffic. My new site has me very high in Google in a very short period of time and traffic is way up! They really took the time to listen to my needs and delivered 10 times more than I expected. Highly recommended!
heather bling gravatar - theblingclub.comHeather Bling, Inc.