WordPress is not only for News Magazine or blogging sites, it is also a robust “Content Management System” for comprehensive business offerings, solutions providers, eCommerce shops, collaborative forums & social networks. Here’s our exclusive set-up.

WordsRack-2015-Managed-Nginx-WordPress-Hosting-IAAS-performance-and-securityThe platform software we install for your is our Greenleaf plan which was renamed to “Piston” in early 2015, configured on the server and in the platforms guts, you get optimum performance, speed and security. You may choose to host a variety of applications on one of our servers but you must be a seasoned linux administrator and all that’s covered in our plans & services section. Our core WordPress installation makes it easy for even a beginner to navigate and publish. It includes the necessary server features to host an extremely secure site exactly as we build into our own here.

For thousands of authors at agencies and companies like CNN and the New York Times and Rolling Stone – the platform has evolved. WordsRack staff have been working with the platform as an early adopter since 2005. It has certainly flourished and was the bees knees even then. You want a fast and extremely secure site – the more popular a brand you are or become, you are also the target for hackers and botnets including excessive random xss or malware injection or spam attacks. We discuss how we work to eliminate the problem in our security sections.

WordsRack-2015-Hero-Landing-page-with-Logo-Managed-Nginx-WordPress-HostingAnyone that is relatively handy with a computer can publish new content or products on a minimal learning curve. We have the answers and resources to guide you. Rich content, media, products. eCommerce and graphics are their business. Delivering the sites with high availability and “pop” is ours, with extreme cyber-security measures in place. These businesses are maximizing an incredible platform to leverage their own yield on the web with hands on support from WordsRack staff. Personalized phone support is the norm around here, and available for all our packages.

Many people think WordPress may only be a blogging platform and while news publishing is a mainstay and is its roots, it is also a robust “Content Management System” for comprehensive websites and online shops, unparalleled in scope & features and quick to build a really snazzy one. We push its limits as avid developers and server administrators.